I figured since its Black History Month (February), I would highlight someone that has done some great things for Black Entertainment. In this case, it is not so great, but this person’s efforts will not go unnoticed. He hasn’t done anything “ground breaking” and his contributions that I will highlight will not make him eligible for a Noble Peace Prize…

          He has done great things for Black entertainers today. Aside from his rap career, his movies have introduced us to some of the top headlining acts in comedy. As far as lending a helping hand, he has done that and then some!

          His movies have the launched the careers of Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Terry Cruise, John Witherspoon, Bernie Mac, DeRay and more!!!… So whom am I talking about?

                                            Ice Cube!!!!!

Yea, that’s right! Ice Cube has created, produced, and directed movies (Friday, Next Friday, Friday after Next, Barbershop, etc…) that have not only brought these actors to the light but have added a spark to their careers! Hats off Bruh!