Now I know a lot of you are going to disagree and even hate me for this. However, it is ok, I don’t mind. Sorry, but somebody has to say it!

         Now, at some point in life we’re all going to be hypocritical. I don’t care who you are; at some point, you will have a derogatory opinion about a situation someone is going through. Given that nobody is perfect (stop acting like your s*&t don’t stink), you never had the right to offer a suggestion or an opinion in the first place.

          Regardless of what you have been through, abortion should very well be an option for most people. Now, that might sound cruel but it is something that isn’t as bad as you think. People who had no business making babies in the first place consumed most of the murderers, rapist and overall bad people in this world. Not to say that every criminal was born into a bad situation but, let’s be honest. We all know somebody who is not fit to be a parent. Either they don’t like kids or they don’t treat their children with the love, support and guidance that every child needs. You can’t lie and say that you have never had that thought… “I feel sorry for those kids, look at how he/she treats them”… “I wish them the best but, he/she is leading them down the wrong road.”

          The children you conceive suffer most! You must be well prepared to conceive a child. You knew you could not afford a child, so why would you have one? That’s like buying a house worth $300,000 and you only make $30k a year. You’re living pay check to pay check trying to afford it, when you can barely do for yourself.

          It kills me to hear some of the excuses. Some use religion as a convenient excuse. Well, most of us sin every day; all sins are the same. No one sin weighs more than the other does…

          Please don’t mistake me for some kind of monster. I know it sounds harsh; every human being deserves the chance to live… but these kids don’t deserve some of the awful situations in which they are born. Child abuse, child molestation and all other unruly acts towards children usually happen within the home in which the child lives. Folks! If you know you don’t like kids… if you know you don’t have the time or the patience to raise one, why wouldn’t you practice safe sex? Alternatively, use your right of PRO CHOICE… The best option of all *drum roll*… ADOPTION!… Give these kids to someone who cares. There is a loving home with grateful people out there willing to take care of your child.