You ever notice that whenever you have a problem, the wrong people try to give you advice. The advice is good but the person with the answers needs to listen to themselves talk because they are worse off than you are. It’s funny whenever you have relationship problems, the guy who is on his third marriage wants to hand you a book that provides solutions. It’s all a joke.

          But it doesn’t stop there… The credibility of the speaker is only part of the problem in most cases. The real problem is found in the audience. Now some people actually benefit from the message because it might promote self-awareness, confidence and faith. But these people aren’t the problem, they’re usually the people wondering if the people around them will ever change. You have to know who you are talking to. In most cases, the message always refers back to the bible. The bible is used as a reference to teach what’s right and wrong. But, that’s where it goes wrong.

          Not everybody worships, respects and understands God and his word as much as others. Everybody knows about God. Whether you have a close relationship or just know that God exist… or not, you’ve heard of a higher power at some point in life… When it comes to God’s word, there is a lot of misunderstanding going on. You often hear sinners reply “God understands me,” as if the punishment for SINS doesn’t apply to them. They misunderstand what true repentance means. They don’t understand that when you repent, you are asking for forgiveness and telling God that you won’t do it again. In other words, they receive the message but the message hasn’t quite reached them in the way it was meant.

          Think about it, if the man who cheated on his wife understood the severity of adultery and unfaithfulness to his marriage, would he still be willing to do the things he does? Or would he practice obedience?

          Most times, the message is intended for those who are concerned with certain issues, need a solution and actually know God. Let’s take into account that the people who should be listening, aren’t listening.  The message is given with good intentions but when you fail to take into account the audience views and who it is meant for, its bad advice.

          After a while it looks like you’re just trying to make money with these relationship books and seminars. Most of the time the message is only informative because it’s telling women and men what they should do but it’s given in way that only grabs the attention of the victims (people who want change) instead of the offenders (people who need to change for the better).