Dear Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,

Thank you sir, you gave your life for a great cause!

I can’t even imagine the struggles you had to go through in your journey. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you lead a great movement that allowed me and my peers to progress. You truly paved the way for us!

At the same time, I apologize on behalf of my peers. Some of us have done some great things through the opportunities that we are given. Others?… well, lets just say they really need MORE HELP! I don’t know where we went wrong Dr. King. Instead of uplifting each other, we tear each other down (crabs in a barrel theory). There is so much senseless violence going on that the black male population is scarce! Believe it or not, there is no need for the KKK. Racist organizations from other races don’t need to be active anymore. They just sit back and watch us self-destruct. We destroy ourselves mentally and physically. Black on black violence is ridiculously high!

People outside of our race use us as lab rats in their studies and we allow it. Most the documentaries that focus on Blacks are disrespectful and exploitation at its finest. Our minds are poisoned. It’s to the point we have stereotyped ourselves. During your time period, our people would have been outraged at some of these commercials geared toward black people. Most of which, depict blacks in a negative light (single parent home… loves chicken and juice… talks and looks ghetto, ect…).

The most disappointing factor of our generation is the lack of education. It’s disheartening to say the least. We are given so many resources and we don’t care to use them. Our generation is spoiled. We don’t realize how important an education is. It’s gotten to the point that a mindless and shallow mentality is revered over anything scholarly. Going to class is a thing of the past. Black people are so “star struck” and mesmerized by being a “celebrity” that we aren’t realistic anymore. We don’t plan for the future and establish back-up plans that will allow us to be successful if our dreams fall through. Instead, most of us invest all of our time into “get rich quick schemes”. Black entertainers are more admired than black scholars.

We have made of a mockery ourselves. Nobody is aiding us down the path of destruction. We are characterized as having bad attitudes, being lazy, and constantly hating on one another… For some reason, we were better when we were fighting for a cause then we are when opportunities are given to us. Dr. King, I’m sorry to tell you that you were misunderstood. Our community believes we can’t think for ourselves. Instead, most of us believe that change will only come when we follow a leader. So we think that books and seminars on self-improvement will better our situation instead of simply working hard and relying on our relationship with God to see us through…

Maybe someday we’ll get “the point”. Until that day… I apologize!